The Egyptian government had implement some standards for properties so as to make sure that all bodies are not affecting or harming the surroundings, also having this requirements in a shape of laws is giving it a big power to follow. As per Egyptian law, properties in the Egyptian market should have some documents which should be regularly checked by the government.

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Each country is having its own laws and legislation which help it achieve its targets and aims. Egypt had issued its environmental law by the year 1994 under the name law 4/1994 and some changes had been issued on it in 2009 under the name of law 9/2009 . And its extension in 2011(1095/2011). There are a lot of other laws and requirements and we will help you in complying with it.

Download this file (Decree 1095 Year 2011.pdf)Decree 1095 Year 2011.pdf[ ]2199 kB
Download this file (law 4-1994.pdf)law 4-1994.pdf[ ]1204 kB