Each country is having its own laws and legislation which help it achieve its targets and aims. Egypt had issued its environmental law by the year 1994 under the name law 4/1994 and some changes had been issued on it in 2009 under the name of law 9/2009 . And its extension in 2011(1095/2011). There are a lot of other laws and requirements and we will help you in complying with it.


All these laws are the main reference for all environmental issues related to any property working in any field. Following these laws is a must for any business in Egypt and here comes our role as a consultant for your property, we will help you in implementing those laws and follow any requests from it.

Governmental documents is one of the methods where any property can check whether they are complying with the local laws or not. The local authorities is making a regular inspection for all properties so as to see its compliance level and what deviations are there, and having any shortage will lead to a warning letter from the authorities and for the second time it become a cash penalty and by the end it becomes a case in the court.

A lot of measurements and analysis is requested by law for your property and you are obliged to make it regularly, monitor, and then evaluate it. What to measure? when to measure? what to stop measuring? is our role, we think, plan and act on your behalf.

Environmental Gaps will make your life easier and will take over your shoulder all these requests, and as we are experts in this entire field we will give you the support for handling all these issues and even presenting on behalf of your property in front of authorities in any cases.

Download this file (Decree 1095 Year 2011.pdf)Decree 1095 Year 2011.pdf[ ]2199 kB
Download this file (law 4-1994.pdf)law 4-1994.pdf[ ]1204 kB