The Egyptian government had implement some standards for properties so as to make sure that all bodies are not affecting or harming the surroundings, also having this requirements in a shape of laws is giving it a big power to follow. As per Egyptian law, properties in the Egyptian market should have some documents which should be regularly checked by the government.

Environmental measurements

As per law you should measure your impact on the environment through making some measurements for some aspects like : heat stress, noise, light, heat stress, gas emissions……….. We will help you in making these measurements through certified and professional institutes, having all the results in a professional report. Following it on annual basis is also one of our tasks towards our guests

Environmental register

As per law the property should have an environmental register, the register is like the environmental CV for the property having all its data and information from buildings, facilities, boilers, water tanks, irrigation,wastes,….………….. Environmental Gaps will help its clients to create this register and update it yearly

Environmental impact study

So as to start a new project you should study its impact on the environment and see how far your project will harm or affect the surroundings. It is one of the main documents which the government requests whenever applying for having a license to a project. We will help you for fulfilling any documents requested by the government with experiences in the field and through a highly certified institutes.