Energy Efficiency is one of the most important factors which any project are taking in consideration for measuring its success. Egypt now is one this track having the costs paid for consuming electricity, fuel diesel or any production process. Electricity in Egypt had been raised as one of the challenges and obstacles which may face our life. New electricity plants had been constructed by the government as one of the solutions so as to face the mega requests in the market, but so as to be more practical we need to have a look on other technologies which can help us in this target.

The whole world is changing now to renewable energy wind, solar, waves, photovoltaic…etc. So as to be on the right track we need to change our thinking about how to handle this problem and the benefits which we may gain from implementing such thinking in our community.

Environmental Gaps as one of the experts in this field is having a parcel of solutions regarding energy saving and efficiency. Having our projects plan system in which we offer for the top management the tool which can help in sustain its resources. We deal with each property on aconfidential level taking in consideration its circumstances.

An energy assessment  is an important step so as to know where do the property stand and what do they want to achieve, after having a view on the history of the property resources consumption then a plan is settled together with the top management as this commitment is very important for  achieving any target.