Window film can help you solve problems with heat, glare, fading and privacy without blocking your view. It's a simple, cost-effective way to increase your home's comfort, energy-efficiency and overall appearance.

Insulating film for windows consists of a transparent plastic foil that is fixed to the window frame from the inside using double-sided adhesive tape, creating an insulating layer of air between the windowpane and the foil. After it is applied, the foil is heated with a standard household hairdryer and shrinks into place, forming a transparent coating with no wrinkles or buckling. Energy costs are getting more and more expensive--who can nowadays afford to lose heat because of leaky windows, doors and non-insulated walls?

Heat isolation film allow you to reduce heating costs quickly and easily, even up to 35%. This helps you to save valuable energy resources and, of course, a great deal of money--this is environmental protection that pays off.

Energy Film reduces fading from harmful UV radiation up to 98%. And it reduces solar heat gain and solar heat build up inside your home.

Energy Film blocks between 70% and 81% of heat producing infrared solar energy at the window and also reduces solar heat gain in summer and retains warmth in winter.

Environmental Gaps brings to you a wide range of heat films from different manufacturers, we have products from USA and Europe. And we with our partners- experts in this field- can help you save your money and gives you more comfort at your properties.