Properties with large and huge landscape is having a very big factor affecting their electricity bill, having different standards from one property to another is reflecting on having different types of lights with different characteristics.

Hotels, resorts, villas, hospitals, compounds…….. all are obliged to have a beautiful landscape with a huge amount of lightings, so they are all in need of having different electricity saving bulbs, also decoration from inside is having a big amounts of lightings. And as the new technologies had gave us a very efficient type of lighting so we have to follow.

The LED lights are one of the most intelligent device for saving the environment, producing a very small amount of CO2 emissions and consuming a very few amount of watts. This technology is helping in minimizing the electricity bills for all projects with an amount of 75% less. Environmental Gaps is helping its clients choosing the most suitable devices and also providing them with the most trustful suppliers with the most qualifies products in the market.

Lighting is having two directions Indoor and Outdoor, working on the two axis is very important in conserving our resources, also helping the property minimizing its impacts on the environment and minimizing its expenses.

Looking for the proper types is a very sophisticated procedure as the market is having a huge amount of different types from different countries, we are offering for our clients through our chain of suppliers the most professional collections of LED lights.

Our company aim is to close the circle of resources conservation starting from making assessment and till closing the circle by offering its clients the products which they would use so as to help achieving their mission.