These days there are many more decorative landscape lighting fixtures than the basic black path lights.

Most landscape lighting today is low voltage which is safer to work with and less costly to install. When laying out your project, remember a little light goes a long way outdoors. Consulting with a lighting professional through Environmental Gaps can help you avoid making the common mistake of too many fixtures in one area.

The new era is to implement solar lighting system in your landscape, it is more efficient, less harm to the environment and long lasting age.

Outdoor solar lights are easy to install and virtually maintenance free. Best of all, using them won't increase your electric bill. Outdoor solar lighting systems use solar cells, which convert sunlight into electricity. The electricity is stored in batteries for use at night.

Some solar lighting systems are self-contained units: You only need to place the lights in a sunny location. Others have the lights separate from a solar cell panel, in which case only the panel needs to be placed in a sunny location.

Environmental Gaps will help you to plan the proper solar lighting system through our Europe consultants’ experts so as to have the best results.