A unique application giving the top management a perfect tool for taking the best decisions regarding energy conservation and resources savings plans.

The system is giving the client a variety of reports, like the opportunity to make comparison between different months in different years, comparison between different properties consumptions, give the system a monthly target and let you have a look on how is your properties performance, also the system is calculating your property energy consumption from any fossil fuels and your total CO2 emissions which your property had produced to the globe.

It is the -state of the art- tool for resources monitoring, the system is giving you a perfect monitoring for 9 different resources you choose from them what you need to monitor. The reports are presented with different types of charts and the possibility to print the reports with your logo. Super users like owners, GMs, chairmen, …………etc.) have the possibility to look after an infinite numbers of properties from their group. Up to more than 15 reports giving you in your hands what you dream of.

Only what you have to do is filling in the member subscription form and let us take care of you