Hundreds of environmental awards either on national or international basis had been created or issued so as to help in conserving our environment and saving the future of the next generations. Nowadays big companies are obliging their agents or suppliers so as to follow international standards so as to insure the quality of their cooperation.

Having your property as a certified one with any standard means giving it the green light so as to concur international markets and putting it on the level of the pioneers in your field.

Environmental Gaps will help you in achieving what you want through its standard system for certification, depends on the name of the award or certification we are implementing our process.

As a first step for achieving any awards or certificates,We will go through energy assessment, roll out, and training phases and below steps are the preparedness procedures:

-    Live visits
-    Collecting data
-    History monitoring
-    Staff awareness
-    Law compatibility
-    Assessment report

After that we will be ready to start the preparing for the concerned certificate or award. We will be responsible till the property achieve its target and receive its awards and plaques.

There are different types of standards and certificates:

Green Star


Operational Standards

TUI environment championship