The Green Star Hotel Programme is one act to protect Egypt’s natural wealth.

The Green Star Hotel (GSH) is a national certification and capacity building programme developed under the patronage of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism to support hotels and resorts interested in improving their environmental performance and social standards. This customized certification distinguishes hotels that demonstrate sustainable environmental management through compliance with a carefully designed standard.  The GSH Programme standard is internationally recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).

The Green Star Hotel Programme aims to have a profound impact on the further development of the main tourism destinations in Egypt. GSHP is doing this by encouraging and motivating the hotel sector to become active and commonly move towards the conservation and protection of natural resources by implementing the Green Star Hotel System into their hotel operations, training their staff and involving their guests accordingly.

By starting with the key sector in the Egyptian tourism industry, the hotel sector a first step is taken to move the whole tourism sector towards more sustainability. On the long run, other sectors such as cruise ships and diving should follow.

Key objectives of the Green Star Hotel Programme:
•    Significant improvement of the environmental performance of tourism destinations
•    Conservation of the biodiversity of marine life in all certified Green Star Hotels
•    Significant reduction of energy and water consumption (20 – 30%)
•    Increased use of renewable energy
•    Ensuring waste is properly handled and sewage is properly treated
•    Raising awareness for environmental protection among hotel guests, staff and residents
•    Capacity building for sustainable hotel management