The Travelife Sustainability System is a simple, easy to use, all-in-one solution for travel related businesses that recognise the importance of becoming more sustainable. It provides all the resources required to establish current levels of performance and facilitate improvements whilst at the same time offering recognition and reward for good practice in such fields as environmental management, fair trade and community relations.

Because the system is operated by the travel industry and not by private commercial enterprise, the Travelife Sustainability System is an effective and low cost method of bringing together the many different players involved in delivering the tourism product to the consumer.

The Travelife Sustainability System is not another “eco-label” or “environmental management certificate”. It is a sustainability recognition scheme that enables businesses to actively promote their environmental and general sustainability efforts to as wide an audience as possible. This means that it is rapidly becoming an “Umbrella System” which gauges how sustainably aware and actively involved a business is. It assesses a broad range of sustainability criteria at top level and is the only system to be gaining  recognition by the consumer due to it being easy to understand.

Because it is being launched globally, customers, tour operators and tourism businesses are building a single recognisable brand that is dependable and stands for success.